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For Sale By Owner Gilbert South Carolina

Ok so now you have your Gilbert SC Home up for sale and you have people wanting to see it…What now????

During the Showing :

Place your property brochures in a conspicuous place; you could place a small sign asking agents to leave their business-card.   (This is for your safety and it allows you to track who has shown the property and call them for feedback.)


The Presence of Pets

v     Keep pets out of the way when showing, preferably out of the house. Some buyers get annoyed or are allergic or are scared and another gets their attention diverted and can’t remember anything about your house except for your pet.

v     If at all possible don’t have too many people present during a showing since the potential buyers may feel like intruders and want to hurry through your house.  Worse still is that they’ll put you on the spot by asking you direct questions.  “Is that staying with the house?’ and force you to make a hasty decision. Your goal should be to get them to spend as much time in your home as possible so that they can “see how it could be their new home.”

v     If they have a real estate agent. Take a short walk with your children and pets.  Leave the premises to the potential buyers or, if that is not possible, let them go through the home without interruption or discussion!  If they’re on their own, walk them through your home but don’t be overly chatty. Do not have guests over during the time a showing is scheduled, if at all possible.

Everyday Checklist 

v     Remove any and all toys, bikes, tools, trash, and animal waste from your yard

v     Keep all steps clear of hazards—old newspapers, laundry, toys, pet toys, etc.

v     Wash dishes

v     Put away clothes

v     Straighten up newspapers, etc.

v     Make beds

v     Open the draperies, pull up the shades and let in the sunlight.

v     Install high wattage light bulbs so that there is a lot of light.  Turn on all lights.

v     Remove “clutter” from each room.  Remove things such as coats, shoes, clothing, pet toys, pet food, pet food bowls, trash cans, toys, child safety barriers.  (Rooms with no clutter look bigger.)

v     Dust and vacuum floors often (daily, if possible).

v     Wipe showers after each use.

v     Water and prune indoor plants

v     Wipe down the bathroom counters.  Make sure towels are hung up, and the bathroom rugs are straightened.

If you have any energy left, just relax!!  Once the clutter is in check, tidying up prior to showings should take a minimal amount of time.  And remember, the need to keep the home “show ready” is temporary. It only until you sell it 😉


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