Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic Columbia South Carolina   Leave a comment

Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic Columbia South Carolina

animated deer

This is a do not miss outdoorsy event with something for every one and lots of great food. Ill see you there!

Download the 2012 Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic Seminar/Event Schedule (PDF)  

March 23-25, 2012, Rain or Shine

SC State Fairgrounds
1200 Rosewood Drive
Columbia, SC 29201

Lee and Tiffany

“Let them go, let them grow” is a phrase that hunting duo Lee & Tiffany Lakosky from the outdoor/hunting television show, The Crush with Lee & Tiffany, have learned to live by! It’s not easy to let a big whitetail walk away, but when you know he has the potential to grow into something that isn’t just big, but is a true awe inspiring monster buck…it takes the sting out a little when you sit back and watch him disappear back into the woods. Lee Lakosky says, “To get a GREAT buck you have to pass on a really GOOD buck

Bass Tubs

At BASS TUBS we offer innovative and entertaining live fishing seminars. We will travel on site and offer educational fishing seminars with the latest state of the art 4000 gallon aquarium. The Bass Tub is over 40 feet in length. We use live fish during demonstrations so your audience has the opportunity to see the fish and lure presentation in action. Your audience will have fun, get involved and enjoy a great interactive and educational fishing experience. The fishing seminars and demonstrations are directed by professional fisherman perched on top of a mounted boat on the end of the Bass Tub. Demonstrations are made with a variety of proven fish catching, casting and retrieval techniques. You are able to see the fish swimming and chasing the lures. Each professional fishing demonstration will include a variety of baits and presentations, and be packed full of professional angler tips and tactics.

Retriever World

Hunting Retriever’s are soaring in popularity. Retriever World’s demonstrations are highly educational for those who seek to learn more about how to train their retrievers. This seminar shows you how to develop all of the skills that are necessary for your dog to become a super-hunting retriever. You will see some of the amazing steps used to start puppies with basic obedience, teach hand signals, and see the skills needed to train a top-notch hunting dog. Retriever World will be bringing Hunting Retriever Champions to this year’s 28th Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic. Professional Retriever Trainer, Roy Coffey will be present all weekend to speak with you about training your own dog. Make sure you don’t miss the dogs in action. The kids will certainly love to see the dogs perform. Retriever World is a nationally known company and will be offering Sporting Dog Training Equipment at the Classic. You will see some of the most highly advanced training supplies and equiment used today and learn why and how they are used.

Antler scoring sessions

Each year during March, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) scores deer antlers throughout the state, with a major scoring effort during the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic scheduled for March 23-25, 2012 at the State Fairgrounds in Columbia.

See Records List:

Info provided by Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic  and brought to you by Chip Jefferson Lexington South Carolinas Real Estate Agent and Gibbs Real Estate


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