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It has taken me almost a year to sit down and write this review of 2 funeral homes here in Lexington SC. My mother Sarah Jefferson went home to the lord quite unexpectedly on October 8,2014. This is something me nor my Father John Jefferson thought would ever happen before Jesus called him home. Dad was a 10 year survivor of Lung Cancer and was still struggling with a tumor in his lung that was just sitting there doing nothing. So we all naturally expected the trumpet call for him first.

So as I said Mom was a complete surprise. As a son one of hardest things I have ever done was deal with Moms death. Because my family has been residents of Lexington SC for over 100 years  and everyone knew everyone, we contacted Caughman Harmon Funeral Home to handle Moms services and viewing. Granny was a long term friend of Harry Harmon one of its founders. Caughman Harmon is where my Grandfather, Grandmother, Sister and many more of my family has been treated with dignity and care in the past.

The morning we met to make arrangements with Caughman Harmon was a blur to me. Dad was in no shape in his grief and at his age of 79 to remember many of the details they ask. I had to excuse myself outside several times to make calls to answer pertinent questions. I helped arrange my Aunt a few years prior so I was familiar with this painful process already. I thought Dad had it under control for the most part so I didnt question any of the documents he was presented to sign while I was out of the room. Since a school mate of mine was going to be the director for Mom I miss judged the trust I gave. Nothing elaborate was picked out and nothing was done for Mom that we did not do for my Aunt a few years prior. Services went well and the overall experience was good as It could have been.

Not long after my Dad, John Jefferson started struggling. In less than 30 days I had to make the decision to move into my family home again to care take for my father. The grief was overwhelming him, his health was already marginal before moms passing. He was heart Broken after 62 years of marriage to Mom. We fought together every day. We laughed, loved, told stories and made plans. We grieved and cried. I encouraged and loved. There was several long stays for him at the hospital and finally he was released under hospice care to be at home. On February 15, 2015 dad got to see Mom again as he wished and our Lord wrapped him in his arms as he welcomed him home.

During my move in time I of course started to handle bills and finances as all kids do when there parents just cant quite handle it. It was at this time I became aware of the cost of services that Caughman Harmon had provided. I was shocked to see the total to nearly 13,000.00 for a basic funeral. Not many years before my Aunts total was just shy of 8,000.00. When I questioned the bill I was told it was because they had been bought out by Dignity Memorial and that pricing was no longer in there control as corporate set the prices. And that my Dad authorized it and it was disclosed. According to my father that wasn’t the case. He had no recollection of this total and remembered a much smaller number being quoted that painful morning. He no longer wanted to use them for his own services and was even willing to go to “anywhere else”.

When hospice was called in I knew my Lord had plans for Dad. I went about the business of exploring options and resources for my Dads own services. After many hours of calls and inquire I discovered Barr- Price Funeral home. The staff was helpful and friendly. And Dad liked it there so the decision was made that when the time came this would be our option.

Im writing this insert in my blog maybe to help someone wade this confusing pool of decisions during a time decisions dont come easy. Barr-Price delivered the same if not superior care for much less than the well know Caughman Harmon Funeral home. The services were identical, the viewing was less pushed, the compassion and care was better at Barr-Price. And economically the cost was 7,277.26 total. My Pastoral staff are now advising our congregation and changing there own personal arrangements all because of this experience.

My parents weren’t rich and had taken some measures to provide for there final end care but when planning doesn’t meet budget of overcharging for services nothing good is going to happen. I hope to help ease the financial burden any other children, spouse, friend or associate in the future.  Without any compromise of service (and in my opinion better service) Barr-Price Funeral Home is the hands down choice. That doesn’t even factor in the 5,722.74 savings.

Funeral Home

609 Northwood Rd
Lexington, SC 29072
Tel (803) 356-4411
Fax (803) 951-1855

So call around and do the research yourself when in need of a Lexington SC Funeral Home. You can also feel free to call me and Ill be glad to share this story in person with you.


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In Loving Memory to you Mom and Dad. I miss you and I love you!

Luke 23:46

46 Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”[a] When he had said this, he breathed his last.

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members of the Leesville Merchants Association flocked together to hatch the concept of a town festival. It was Sara Shealy, famous throughout the region for eggs-traordinary fried chicken served in her Batesburg-Leesville restaurant, who courageously proposed the

development of a Poultry Festival for the Lexington County community. After

much clucking and crowing, the head rooster called for a vote and the Poultry

Festival was hatched.

What better theme to spotlight the largest agri-business in South Carolina –

a $1 BILLION industry that employs thousands in production, processing,

marketing of eggs, broilers, turkeys, pigeons, quail and spring chickens!

Lexington County; home of Columbia Farms, Saluda County, headquarters

of Amick Farms and Gentry’s Poultry Company, and Aiken County are

among the state’s top broiler producers.

The first festival, staged in 1987 called the Ridge Poultry Festival, attracted over

20,000 visitors to the Twin Cities. In 1989, the event, experiencing growing pains changed its name to the South Carolina Poultry Festival to mirror the stampede of Palmetto State citizens who streamed into the town to partake of food, fun, music, crafts, and fireworks. Festival goers have clucked together through the ensuring eggs-travaganza and have packed the weekend population of Batesburg-Leesville to 100,000 plus!!!

This is a great weekend to bring the kids out and enjoy…more info here 

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James Nobles
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In This Issue…  
Last Week in Review: There was mixed news from the housing sector, while home loan rates remain near record lows.

Forecast for the Week: Look for key reports on housing, manufacturing, inflation and the U.S. economy. Plus, the Fed meets!

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Last Week in Review  
“I don’t know why I go to extremes.” Billy Joel. Temperatures may be warming across much of the country, but the extreme weather from this winter is still impacting some areas of the housing sector.

Existing Home Sales in March surged by 6.1 percent from February to an annual rate of 5.19 million units. This was the largest monthly increase since December 2010. Sales are also up 10.4 percent from a year ago. Lawrence Yun, the National Association of REALTORS®chief economist, noted, “After a quiet start to the year, sales activity picked up greatly throughout the country in March.”

On the flip side, New Home Sales in March unexpectedly declined as sales fell 11.4 percent from February to an annual rate of 481,000 units. This is a stark contrast to the 543,000 units recorded in February, which was the strongest performance for new home sales in seven years. The harsh winter weather in January and February shut down construction sites, and that had an impact on March’s figures. We will have to see if new home sales are further curtailed heading into the spring home buying season.

Also of note, Fannie Mae released its April 2015 Economic and Housing Outlook, revealing that economic activity was suppressed in the first quarter, largely due to the West Coast port disruptions and difficult weather patterns that gripped a large portion of the Northeast. Now that spring has arrived, it will be important to see if economic activity blooms along with the weather.

The bottom line is that home loan rates remain attractive, and now is a great time to consider a home purchase or refinance. Let me know if I can answer any questions at all for you or your clients.

Forecast for the Week  
A full slate of economic reports is ahead, plus the Fed meets!

  • On the housing front, look for the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index on Tuesday and Pending Home Sales on Wednesday.
  • Consumer Confidence will be reported on Tuesday, followed by the Consumer Sentiment Index on Friday.
  • On Wednesday, Gross Domestic Product will give us an important read on the U.S. economy during the first quarter of 2015.
  • Look for news from the manufacturing sector via the Chicago PMI on Thursday and the ISM Index on Friday.
  • The Fed’s favorite measure of inflation, Personal Consumption Expenditures, will be released on Thursday, along with the Employment Cost Index, Weekly Initial Jobless Claims, Personal Incomeand Personal Spending.

In addition, the Fed meets this week, with the Monetary Policy Statement due to be released on Wednesday. Investors will be listening closely for any hints as to when the Fed may raise the Fed Funds Rate (the rate banks charge each other to lend money overnight), and this news could lead to volatility in the markets.

Remember: Weak economic news normally causes money to flow out of Stocks and into Bonds, helping Bonds and home loan rates improve, while strong economic news normally has the opposite result. The chart below shows Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), which are the type of Bond on which home loan rates are based.

When you see these Bond prices moving higher, it means home loan rates are improving—and when they are moving lower, home loan rates are getting worse.

To go one step further—a red “candle” means that MBS worsened during the day, while a green “candle” means MBS improved during the day. Depending on how dramatic the changes were on any given day, this can cause rate changes throughout the day, as well as on the rate sheets we start with each morning.

As you can see in the chart below, Mortgage Bonds remain in a tight trading range. Home loan rates are hovering near record lows.

Chart: Fannie Mae 3.0% Mortgage Bond (Friday April 24, 2015)
Japanese Candlestick Chart
The Mortgage Market Guide View…  
Alert: Facebook Video Scam

A “malicious tagging” scam is making its way around Facebook, putting multiple operating systems and devices at risk, including computers, smartphones and video game systems.

How It Works
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NOTE: A variant of this scam sends you to download a Chrome or Firefox browser video plugin.

How to Protect Yourself
First, never accept system or software updates from third party links like pop-ups on social networks or web pages. If you suspect your Adobe Flash Player or other software may be out of date, go directly to the developer’s website and download it.

Second, ask yourself if your friends or associates would post this material, and if they know each other well enough to be tagged on the same feed. Also, make sure you have anti-malware installed on your machine: AVG (freeware) or McAfee (subscription) are two options. But beware that even if you have this protection, being judicious with the links you click is the best policy.

Finally, adjust your Facebook privacy settings to ask permission to display content you’re tagged in. This will limit the spread of scams in case you do fall prey to one. Simply set the Timeline Review option in your Facebook Privacy Settings.

As always, feel free to pass these helpful tips along to your team, clients and colleagues!

Sources: Bottom Line, HotforSecurity.com

Economic Calendar for the Week of April 27 – May 1

Economic Report
Tue. April 28
S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index
Tue. April 28
Consumer Confidence
Wed. April 29
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Wed. April 29
GDP Chain Deflator
Wed. April 29
Pending Home Sales
Wed. April 29
FOMC Meeting
Thu. April 30
Chicago PMI
Thu. April 30
Employment Cost Index (ECI)
Thu. April 30
Personal Consumption Expenditures and Core PCE
Thu. April 30
Personal Consumption Expenditures and Core PCE
Thu. April 30
Personal Spending
Thu. April 30
Personal Income
Thu. April 30
Jobless Claims (Initial)
Fri. May 01
Consumer Sentiment Index (UoM)
Fri. May 01
ISM Index
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Find help and healingfor the hurt of separation and divorce

DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone.

Find a group near you

Thousands of groups meeting weekly at locations around the world.

Postal code or city/state


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] Status: FOR SALE

Price: $225,000 HUD Home

Address: 1176 ASHLAND DRIVE
Type: Residential
Style: 2 Story
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3
Suite: NoDSCN5146
Living Area: 2,980 square feet

Wonderful all brick 2 story in Popular Lake Carolina. Gleaming hardwoods on main floor and formals for great entertaining. Large spacious den with cozy gas fireplace. Galley style kitchen with butlers pantry. Huge master bedroom with parent retreat and luxury bath. Washer and dryer area upstairs so never any heavy lifting. Large secondary bedrooms for the kids to be very comfortable and all this at a less than builder price. Hurry as this one will not last long! EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY.Property sold AS-IS.Utility activation and dewinterization and rewinterization costs are buyers expense year round. HUD will not pay deed stamps. Buyer to re-key at closing

Chip Jefferson

Gibbs Real Estate

Information is deemed to be correct but not guaranteed.

Brokered and Advertised by Gibbs Real Estate
LID 159519358

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I’ve posted a new listing!.

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2014 Lexington Corn Maze location   Leave a comment

About Us
Contact Us
Farm History
Friends Of The Farm
Farm Fun
Birthday Parties
Corn Maze
Gift Shop
Maze Activities
Overnight Camping
The Pumpkin Patch
Snack Shoppe
School Tours
Pumpkin Patch
Strawberry Patch
Get A Map

2014 corn maze is Down on The Farm
September 19th – November 16th

Friday 6 PM – 11 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 11 PM
Sunday 2 PM – 7 PM
Columbus Day – 10 AM – 7 PM Oct. 14th only!!
Flashlight Nights: Flashlight Nights Friday and Saturday. BRING YOUR OWN FLASHLIGHT and explore the maze in the dark.
Tickets are $10.00 per person, groups of 20 or more, see below
2 and under Free!
Last Ticket Sold: One hour before closing.

NOTE: The Corn Maze is not wheelchair accessible.

This Year’s Corn Maze Theme
Down on The Farm!!

We extend a special welcome to you, as you make this part of your fall family tradition.

As you navigate our 8 acre corn maze you will find clues, pictures, and games. Maize-o-Vision secret decoders help you navigate the multi-acre puzzle. Can you find your way out? Maize Quest is a great way for families, scouts, schools, youth groups, and corporate parties to enjoy victory together!

Bring your family for a weekend to remember

We offer Birthday Parties and Evening campfires, and Overnight Camping for groups.

Hayrides just $2 per person!
New for 2014 Cow Barrel Train $2.00 per person and Pedal Karts $2.00 per person.

After ‘Getting Lost’ in the Corn Maze, visit theKiddie Corn Maze, Tire Maze, Tricyle Raceway, Cornsnake, Rubber Duck Races, Sand Pile, “Spookley & His Friends Storybook Maze”, South Carolina’s Original Marshmallow Maze, John Deere combine slide, pumpkin bowling, giant forty foot slide, wooden playground area and much, much more.

Then visit the Gift Shop and the Snack Shoppe to complete your adventure. Maize Quest is located at The Clinton Sease Farm, and is presented by your friends at The Farmer’s Shed. We are located at 404 Olde Farm Rd, Lexington, SC 29072.

Groups of 20 or more: Contact us for Special Scheduling and Discounts

– Pre-register at info@clintonseasefarm.com by sending the following:
name of group
contact person & phone number
date and time of visit & a rain date
number of people in your group
– Collect all funds and make a single payment
– Ticket price for qualifying groups is $9.00 per person





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